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great support, great, attentive service, simple and easy to use product, just wish it was more authoritative like trust pilot, or review centre. – To help other people decide, would you write a sentence or two for our reviews that describes your experience overall?

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28 Jul 15

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Hi James,

Thanks for the feedback. I'll drop you a more detailed reply in private, but in general, we aren't a comparable product to review sites like Trustpilot.

Most businesses use CustomerSure to get feedback that they use to improve their processes and train their staff to deliver better customer service. Publishing that feedback in public, and using it for SEO is usually a secondary goal, which is why we're not 'optimised' for this.

Our focus is always on helping businesses do better for their existing customers (and thus getting more repeat business and winning new customers from word-of-mouth referrals). Whilst it's possible to use the feedback in other ways, it's not the primary use-case for most businesses.

Chris Stainthorpe

Chris Stainthorpe –