How To Create a Survey

Navigate to the Surveys area:

- Click on the 'Surveys' menu item.

- Click on the 'Create a new survey' button.

Create survey menu option

This is where we're heading...a simple, one-page survey, ideally very short, with your logo and branding, and which makes it easy for your customers to tell you what's important to them individually.

Sample survey

Configure your survey

Create survey

This configuration page contains a few more questions than the example survey shown above, in order to illustrate all the different options.

  1. Give the survey a name, this is so you can distinguish between surveys if you have more than one. (Example names: customer service survey, post-support survey, post shipping survey, customer survey, client survey etc.)
  2. The 'Public-facing name' is the title that will appear at the very top of the survey page. You can leave this field blank and it will default to 'Satisfaction survey'
  3. Check or amend the default intro text, this is the text that is shown above your survey. You can change the text to anything you like. It's best to try and keep it short and sweet.
  4. Select or write some scored questions. You can click on the example questions on the right to use them, they will be copied across to the fields on the left as you click on them. There is a drop down list which changes the example questions depending on your selection. If you don't like the examples questions, you can simply write your own in the fields on the left.
  5. If you'd like to ask for comments (highly recommended!) choose or write a text question. You can have two. Because you can choose, question by question, whether the answers are shown in public, you might use one question to ask for a review (answers public) and one question about what you could improve (answers private). The public/private settings are available after you've created the survey.
  6. You may have want to have some multi-choice option questions. You can have up to 3. You choose the questions and supply a list of the possible answers. The answers will appear as drop-down options in the survey. You can make each of these questions optional or mandatory.
  7. Click 'Create Survey' and you're done!

After you create a survey you'll be on the survey admin page. If you'd like to preview your survey click the green 'Preview' button. You can complete the survey on the preview screen if you like, be aware that because you are logged in, you will not be asked for your name, email or telephone number like customers will. If you'd like to see the survey exactly as the customer sees it, you can open the survey in a different browser.

Sending the survey

To send the survey to customers, you need to copy-and-paste the survey link into a new email and politely ask customers to fill it in. We provide example email text and more help on sending out surveys here.

Questions about CustomerSure Surveys

Are you wondering why can't I add more questions? Or change the rating scale? Or create conditional branches? Or how do I ask different types of questions?

There are a few tricks to creating great satisfaction surveys. CustomerSure was designed from the ground up to make it easy for you to get it right, so you’ll soon be enjoying amazing response rates and insightful feedback you can use to improve your business. You can find out more about the design of our surveys in the FAQs section which addresses these issues.