Edit a Survey

Once you’ve created a satisfaction survey, you’re free to edit most aspects of it. This guide explains how to edit each area, and gives advice on what you should and shouldn’t change. A couple of the editing tools should be used with caution, as used in the wrong way, they may have unwanted side effects. With great power comes great responsibility! Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything, and if you’re unsure, please just get in touch with us for advice!

Changing a survey’s name.

It’s easy and safe to change your survey’s name. This is just for your own reference. You’ll find a link in the right hand sidebar to do this.

Change the intro text

Changing a survey’s intro text is easy too. It’s a good idea to use your intro text to reiterate to your customers that you’re committed to dealing with every single piece of feedback you receive, so they know they’re not wasting their time filling in your survey.

Change the questions

Adding a new question

You can add up to 8 scored questions and two free text questions to a survey, no more.  CustomerSure is not designed for creating long surveys – we’re here to help you produce short simple satisfaction checks which get amazing response rates, and deliver actionable feedback that you use to improve your business.

If you feel that you need to add more than 10 questions (8 scored + 2 text),  get in touch with us. We can help you re-write your survey, or work out if software other than CustomerSure would be best suited to your needs.

To add a new question, hit either the '+ new scored question' or '+ new text question' link at the bottom of their respective sections. If you don’t see these links, you’re already at your question limit for this survey.

Editing a question

You’re free to edit questions, but please be aware that this could potentially cause you problems. We give you three editing options to cover different scenarios:

  • Replace a question
  • Edit a question
  • Delete a question

The reason for these options is because we don’t want you to damage your historical customer satisfaction data. For example, if you were originally asking the question ‘how would you rate our communication skills?’, and collected lots of responses over a period of time, but then changed the question to read 'how would you rate our delivery speed?', all of those historical responses clearly don’t belong to this new question! This could cause all different sorts of problems for you, so we strongly discourage it.

If you choose to replace a question, the existing question is archived, all your scores are kept, but it will not show up on your customer-facing survey, and it will not count against your question limit.

Use the replace option when you no longer want to ask a question, but you do want to keep its data around for analysis.

Of course, it would similarly be annoying to have asked a question to a few customers, but notice you’ve made a typo, or you’ve worded it in a slightly confusing way. This is why we give you the edit option. 

Use the edit option if you want to make text changes to the question which do not alter its overall meaning, or to fix typos.

If you don’t need a question around anymore, you can use the delete option. This will remove the question and all its historical data. It may be unwise to do this, so be very sure this is what you intend to do. There is no undo on the delete function.

To edit, replace, or delete a question, click the ‘spanner/wrench’ icon next to that question.

Make question responses visible in public (or hide them).

It’s possible to display the results of your surveys in public as reviews. Because we believe in putting you in control of your data, there are a few settings around how you display reviews, and they don’t all live on the ‘edit survey’ page. We’ve provided a full guide on this, so if you want the in-depth on how reviews work in CustomerSure, take a look at our ‘ controlling visibility’ guide.

Edit the link to your survey (stop unwanted responses)

You should only give your survey out to real customers. Depending on how you interact with your customers, this might be (for example) via an iPad on your reception desk, or maybe a link you copy into emails, asking the customers to fill in your survey. It’s not a good idea to link to your survey from your website – use the  website contact form so you can distinguish feedback you’ve requested from genuine customers from general customer enquiries.

Every CustomerSure survey has a unique web link, for example:


If you start getting unwanted responses, it might be the case that the link to your survey has been discovered. To prevent this, you can regenerate the survey link. This will deactivate the old link, and give you a new one to send out. Use this feature with caution – once you have regenerated your survey’s link, anyone with the old link will not be able to complete your survey, you will have to send them the new one. Also, you’ll have to update anywhere you had typed the old link – for example, email templates.

To edit your link, simply click "Generate a new survey link" in the right hand options bar. 

Change your thank you message

To change the message shown on the ‘thank you’ page when a customer completes a survey, use the “Change ‘thank you’ message” link in the right hand options bar. This will pop up a small editor which lets you type in a message to your customers.

If you know HTML, you can use some basic tags in this message – H1, H2, H3, P and A will all be accepted.