When you invoice a customer and look forward to receiving payment, we automatically check that the customer was completely satisfied.  You either get confirmation that everything’s OK (and maybe a positive review for your website) or you get the chance to fix any problems straight away.  It’s all designed to make sure your customer stays loyal, and is happy to recommend you to others.

How to connect Xero and CustomerSure

1.  Go to the settings page.

On the settings page choose the 'Integrations' tab:

Manage integration settings

Find the Xero integration and click 'Connect.' Then follow the on-screen instructions to link to Xero and confirm the security credentials to allow the two applications to connect.

Now CustomerSure can automatically check that your customers are completely happy and keep you up to date with real time feedback.  But you have lots of control over what happens to make sure it’s right for your customers.  The following sections describe the options you can set.

2.  Choose the settings that are right for you and your customers.

After you’ve approved the link you’ll be asked to check the settings.  (You can change these any time afterwards using ‘Xero settings’ under the ‘Satisfaction checks’ menu).

Choose a delay if you want to allow time for your invoice to arrive before the satisfaction check. Then select the type of survey to send.  A default survey is included called “Xero invoice sent” but you can change the questions or design your own.  (Edit questions using the ‘Surveys’ menu).  
If you wish you can create more surveys to use for other areas of your your business such as customer support, seminars or training.  It’s easy to send them out - just copy the survey link and send it by email.
That step completes integration and set-up between Xero and CustomerSure.

3.  Feedback requests will now be sent automatically

From now on a feedback request form is created when you send an invoice or when you invoice and take payment on the same day.

How do I Stop Too Many Surveys Going to One Person?

If you have repeat customers or you operate subscription billing you can limit the number of surveys a customer will receive: How to Limit Survey Frequency.

Learn About Feedback Requests

You can preview or edit the feedback request under the 'Surveys' menu to make sure it contains the questions you'd like to ask.  You can also choose which questions (if any) within a survey that you want to use as public reviews. You can also edit the template of the email in which the feedback request will be sent.

You can always stay in control of who receives satisfaction checks.  You can make one-off or permanent changes, and these settings are described in the  Help section on Feedback requests.