Integrating CustomerSure and Shopify

There are two ways to set up the integration and it doesn't matter which one you use they work the same way once they've been set up. If you install from the Shopify app store you will be billed by Shopify, if you set up the integration from CustomerSure you will be billed by us.

Option 1 - Installing CustomerSure from the Shopify app store

Sign in to your Shopify store.  Using your store menu go to the Shopify App store and search for CustomerSure.

Click on "Install" and follow a few simple on-screen instructions:

Choose the settings to fit how you operate - select a delay, a survey with questions suitable for post-delivery, and provide the information we need to set up a CustomerSure account for you.

Option 2 - Setting up Shopify integration from CustomerSure

Go to the settings page:

On the settings page choose the 'Integrations' tab:

Manage integration settings

Find the Shopify integration and click 'Connect.' Then follow the on-screen instructions to link to your store and confirm the security credentials to allow the two applications to connect.