The Guided Tour

When you start a free trial we’ll give you a quick tour to explain a few concepts and helps you on get going. There are 3 steps, which in total should take you about 5-10 minutes. Once completed, you'll have access to all the features.

Step 1 - Your Branding

  • Enter your website in the text field (Optional)
  • Pick some colours that closely match your website (Optional)
  • Click 'Save branding and continue'

After clicking 'Save branding and continue', you’ll see a screen explaining the two sides to CustomerSure. The main menu is hidden at this point, you'll unlock it once you get to step 3 of the walkthrough. Press the 'Switch to the app' button to move onto step 2.

Step 2 - Survey Tour

  • Read and close the 'welcome' message. Notice the blue progress bar at the top of the screen. It shows that you are on step 2 of 3.
  • This feedback screen gives you an overview of what's involved in collecting feedback regularly. Once you've had a quick read, click the button 'Take a short tour of surveys'.
  • Now you'll enter the survey tour. There are 7 yellow boxes which explain the demo survey in your account. Once you've read the 7 boxes, click on 'Simplify Service' in the blue bar at the top. After step 3 you can come back and create your own survey to send.

Step 3 - Service Desk Tour

  • After clicking 'Simply Service' you should see a new yellow box explaining that you have a new case. This is just a demo case for you to take a look. If you want, you can use this demo case to send the CustomerSure team a message – we don’t bite! Follow the on screen instructions to go through the final set of messages about how cases work.


Once you get to the last step in the guided tour you’ll land on the ‘What's Next’ page and the main menu will be visible under the blue progress bar. By following the walkthrough, you should now know the following:

  1. CustomerSure has two sides, an app for you and your team to use, and a brandable 'customer service area' for your customers to get in touch and view your reviews (if you switch reviews on)
  2. You'll send out satisfaction surveys to collect customer feedback.
  3. Cases are used to follow-up with customers whenever they get in touch.

What's Next

Now you've covered the basics you might like to:

If you'd like us to walk you through anything just  get in touch. We're passionate about helping you, we'd be happy to do a screen sharing session and explain how to get going.