Rich Snippets

You've worked hard to deliver great service and your customers have rewarded you with good feedback and reviews. If you make the reviews public, rich snippets will be hard at work behind the scenes to improve your SEO. This results in more people on your website and more visitors converting into paying customers.

How it works

Whenever people search for your company and your CustomerSure reviews page comes up in the results, your star rating will also be shown. This can lead to your listing appearing with yellow stars against it which make your listing stand out from the other plain text listings.

Successful listings look like this screenshot of real search results:

Google lists star ratings because they’ve proved that people are more confident to click through when they see them, leading to more traffic and referrals to your business. We can't guarantee Google will show your reviews (nobody can) and Google doesn't disclose all the criteria they use, but we do give you the best chance of a successful listing.

Take these 3 simple steps to improve sales through starred reviews:

  1. Get feedback from your customers on a regular basis so that some of it is always fairly fresh.
  2. Show at least one scored question publicly on your CustomerSure pages.
  3. Link to the reviews page from your existing website.


  • Turn on public display of your CustomerSure reviews so that Google (and potential customers!) can read them. To do this, edit your surveys and switch from 'private' to 'public' the questions for which answers should be displayed. You need to include at least one scored question.
  • You must have a link to your CustomerSure reviews page from your website so that Google can discover the reviews. The link should include the search term that you would like reviews to be found by. So display some text on your website that says "[My Company Name] Reviews" and make it link to https://[mysubdomain]
  • For example, our company name is CustomerSure and our subdomain is 'service'. The text we would display on our website is "CustomerSure reviews" and our link from it to the reviews is

Then allow Google to do its work. It can take a few days or weeks for the search ranking to improve. Nobody knows for sure what will drive it up the list, but we recommend fresh reviews, searches on that term, clicks...and a little patience.

Advanced Method

The technique described above has the limitation that the reviews are hosted on the CustomerSure domain, so the impact on SEO for your own domain is by association rather than direct. Much better results can be acheived by hosting your reviews natively on your own website.

This is a more complicated technical exercise, but can be achieved by retrieving your customer feedback server-side, via our API and generating a page that displays them on your website, so that search engines (eg Google) see them as native text.

Refer to the API documentation for instructions on how to retrieve reviews.