Problematic Feedback

The Internet has many benefits but its openness means that strange things happen occasionally. We help you take advantage of the opportunities to promote your business, but we also provide controls that allow you to protect your business from odd or unscrupulous people including people who may leave:

  • Spam
  • Illegal comments, such as racism or obscenities
  • False allegations

Here are the tools at your disposal:

1.  You can post a reply

This is the solution to most problems.  When other people see a reply from you they get a feel for what it's like to be one of your customers.  It might be a "thank you" for some praise, or it might be a "thank you for bringing that problem to our attention and giving us a chance to fix it".  Either way a prompt and professional response sends a great signal.

Log in to CustomerSure and then add a reply either on the public comment itself (see diagram above) or on the internal feedback toolbar.  You will also get the option to email your reply to the customer.  For example, in this case a simple "Thank you" would be a good response to show below the review, and the email option allows you to send it to the customer as an acknowledgement.

2.  You can request that it be removed

If a review contravenes our honest feedback policy we will remove it.

Select it in your Feedback Inbox and choose 'Request removal' using the 'More options' button, as shown in the picture above.

A placeholder will appear instead in your review list, explaining that it is under moderation. We will then review it against our policy and take into account the reason and explanation you have given. If it's bad, it will go and the placeholder will disappear too.

You can still insert a reply to explain why you blocked the feedback and this will still be shown even if the original text is blocked.

Generally we find that people browsing the Internet for genuine reasons are very aware of the problem of people leaving unreasonable reviews and be sympathetic to you.  Even if you do receive a negative comment that doesn't contravene our policy, the fact that you are open and the fact that you provide clear explanations, means that customers will get a positive view of your business and will normally conclude that you are responsive to customer comments and that you handle issues professionally. Which is what they want.

3.  You can turn off public feedback completely

If something goes badly wrong, you can just turn feedback off completely.  Go to your public reviews page and switch general feedback off. Then go through your survey questions and make sure each question is set to 'private'.

If you're ever worried or need advice get in touch and we'll help.

4.  Raise a support request for us to take action

We'll always help you to right wrongs.  We're easy to contact and we love to help out.  Get in touch and we will give you advice and help you sort it out.