Privacy, Data Protection and GDPR

This page describes the features that are available to help you comply with data protection legislation.

The right to erasure.

You can delete all of someone's personal data.

1. Go to Company Settings-->Account.

2. Under 'Account Options' choose 'Data Retention and Erasure'.

3. Enter the person's email address, confirm, and all personal data associated with that email address will be erased.

The right to rectification.

If the name or email address associated with a piece of feedback is wrong you can amend it.

1. Go to the Feedback page.

2. Click on the item of feedback in the feedback list which has incorrect details.

3. Click on the pencil icon (highlighted) next to the person's name and you will be able to amend the details.

Setting a data retention period.

To comply with your own policy on data retention you can specify the duration to retain personal data and after that the software will delete it automatically.

1. Go to Company Settings-->Account.

2. Under 'Account Options' choose 'Data Retention and Erasure'.

3. Use the drop-down option to choose the length of time that data is to be kept.

4. Click 'Save Changes'.

Prevent a person receiving satisfaction surveys.

To exclude someone from receiving surveys (whether by your choice or theirs) you can add them to the 'Unsubscribe List'.

If you send feedback requests using our email templates they can unsubscribe themselves at any time too, because our templates include unsubscribe links which are clearly marked and simple to use.

People who unsubscribe themselves appear in this list, together with the date they opted out.

If you added someone to the list there's also the option to delete them from the list if you change your mind.

1. Go to Company Settings--> Email Sending Rules.

2. To add someone to the list use the button 'Unsubscribe email address'.

3. Enter the email address, confirm, and the system will check each email sent and never send to an address on this list, even if that's requested via a file upload or a system integration.

4. Emails which are requested but not sent (because they're on this list) are listed as 'not sent' in the 'Feedback Request Emails-->Email History' list.