Pre-populate Data

To save the customer having to type in their details, it's possible to pre-populate the survey form for them.  Then they only have to score, comment and submit.

To do this, add the details to the survey link in the following form:

[SURVEYLINK]?< name=Firstname%20Secondname>&<email=customer email address>&<telephone_number= customer telephone number>


  1. The items in [square brackets] are required (but do not include the square bracket characters themselves).
  2. The items in <angle brackets> are optional (but do not include the angle bracket characters themselves).
  3. Spaces are not allowed in links.  If the text that you want to pre-populate needs a space, for example between first name and second name, use the character code instead.  The character code for a space is %20.
  4. Use the bold text exactly as it appears above, and replace the plain text with the data that is to pre-populate the form.